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TOPIC: MGB MK1 Dash Refinishing

MGB MK1 Dash Refinishing 5 years 11 months ago #52

I have a spare mk1 dash that needed refinishing. This dash is for a 67 MGB because of the holes for the washer pump and headlamp switch. The dash could be modified to work for a 63-66 B by rounding out the hole for the headlamp switch. The 67 B dash has the headlamp switch where the 63-66 washer pump is located. I am using Rust-oleum black wrinkle paint in a spray can.

Rusto-leum Wrinkle --update

Using Rusto-leum wrinkle paint did not work well. The directions on the back of the can were followed and the results did not meet the standard of duplicating the original finish. The spray nozzle had a narrow pattern and very little control over paint volume. It was very easy to produce uneven coating and runs. Two attempts were made at producing a uniform wrinkled finish. The second attempt did not follow the can directions by skipping the primer which is not done when using a competitor's product. Results were the same in two attempts. The paint wrinkled as in directions but did not duplicate the original finish. The wrinkles were not uniform and the lows between the wrinkles had very little coverage.

Lee Miller

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