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TOPIC: Don't judge a starter by it's cover.

Don't judge a starter by it's cover. 8 years 5 months ago #66

Attempting to clear out the collection of spares from scrap last night I went through the two spare 63-67 MGB M418G starters that have been sitting on a shelf in the garage for years. One was clean looking with a light coating of dirt and oil. The armature turned freely and the drive assembly was free on the shaft. The second starter was rusted badly. The armature and drive assembly was rusted solid. I sprayed some penetrating oil and applied heat to work the parts free. Thinking this starter would not work I was planning to remove the drive assembly. I grabbed the starter cables and connected to a 12V battery to test the starters. Surprise the starter that was cosmetically good did not spin. The starter with the rusted body and looked like scrap jumped and was spinning fast.
Lee Miller

1966 MGB
1967 MGB
1971 MGB
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