MGB GHN3L106098 - 2004 October

MGB #4 purchase. During the week of the 2004 AACA Eastern Fall Meet held in Hershey, PA. I read an ad in the paper with an MGB for sale. There are always more ads in the paper than normal during the week of the show. I called the seller and arranged an appointment to see the car. The car was only about a 30 minute drive from my house. I looked at the car and discovered a type D overdrive gearbox sitting in the passenger seat. This OD gearbox would be a great addition to the 67B GHN3L131923 restoration. I offered to purchase the gearbox but we could not reach an agreement without having to take the entire car and miscellaneous parts. So with a deal I could not refuse, the car was delivered to my house for what I was willing to pay for the OD gearbox.