Engine re-build, parts, and machine shop.

Bearings Main, stock
Bearings Rod, stock
Cam, Advanced Performance Technology APT, VP11 billet
Cam Offset Key, 4 degrees
Cam Sprocket, stock
Crank Rear Seal, stock
Crank Sprocket, stock
Gasket Set Head, Payen
Gasket Set Lower, Payen
Lifters, Advanced Performance Technology APT, CF04
Lock Tab Set, stock
Oil Pressure Valve, stock
Oil Pump, stock
Pistons, AE, 20 over
Push Rods, stock 18V
Rocker Shaft, nitrided
Timing Chain, stock
Timing Chain Tensioner, stock
Timing Cover Oil Seal, stock
Valves Intake, stock
Valves Exhaust, stellite
Valve Guides, magnesium-bronze
Valve Guide Seals, Moss heavy duty
Valve Seats Intake, stock
Valve Seats Exhaust, hardened
Valve Springs Set, stock
Water Pump, stock

Machine Shop
Block, tanked, bored 20 over
Cylinder Head, valve guides installed, valve seats installed
Crank, tanked, checked, polished
Rods, wrist pin bushing checked, pistons installed

Paint, Dupli-color Dark Canyon Red, Primer, Clear Coat
Oil, Valvoline VR1 20W/50
Engine Assembly Lube
Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Wires
Distibutor Cap
Points and Condensor
Clutch Kit