An overdrive gearbox is not being installed in the GHN3L131923 project. After all the time and effort to locate an overdrive gearbox, correct speedometer, and vacuum switch, one small detail was overlooked. If a D type overdrive gearbox is rare in the US the one that would be correct for a 1967 B with reverse lights would be even harder to find. Why, you ask? The gearbox control tower on a D type Gearbox was modified to mount a reverse light switch. The earlier D type OD gearbox control towers do not have the capablility of simply installing a reverse light switch. The British Leyland parts book shows additional parts no longer available that install in the control tower. The earlier version of the control tower is not machined to allow the additional parts required to activate the reverse switch. No, the D type OD and parts are not for sale, they will fit perfectly in the 1966 B GHN3L106098 project.

The original four speed three syncronized type D non overdrive gearbox in the car is in good condition and will be refreshed for the project. New front and rear seals installed. The oil is drained and replaced with Castrol 20W/50 to specifications. The clutch fork bolt and bushing is replaced with new parts and have a firm movement. The gearbox outer casing is cleaned an wire brushed.

Driveshaft and Hardy Spicer ujoints. Have you ever seen the John Twist, of University Motors 5 minute ujoint video? A five minute ujoint will never happen in my garage. It seems every driveshaft I needed to replace ujoints had them welded in place with rust. My ujoint video would be an hour long with many minutes of five pound hammer beating entertainment. First, at least one circlip will break. Time will be spent chasing the broken circlip around the joint with a hammer and punch until it is pryed loose. A 5/8 inch socket will be destroyed beating out the old ujoint caps. Then the new ujoint install will go smoothly until the last cap has the needle bearings stack and jam. But in the end, the satisfaction of doing it yourself is priceless.