MGB GHN3L131923 - 2003 December

Winter begins in the NE US. Purchased black with red piping leather seat upholstery bottoms and backs from MG Centre in the UK. New foams and diaphragms for the fresh painted seat frames. The seat bottoms came from Victoria British and I am a little disappointed with the difference in the foam density between the left and right bottoms. The directions in the DIY Guide to MGB Restoration were followed to re-upholster the seats. The seats were recovered exactly as they were found including a burlap material to cover the bottom foam between the foam and diaphragm. The tip cover the foams with a plastic bag and slide the seat covers over the plastic worked very well. The diaphragms were a real joy to install as they fit very tight and even using a hot air blower to warm the material to make more pliable did not help.

MGB GHN3L131923 - 1988 January

Five years have gone by and the car sits outside in the January cold covered with a fresh snowfall. The picture taken long before digital cameras.

MGB GHN3L131923 - 1983 August

The journey begins with a friend finding a little sports car that is for sale near his house. The owner purchased as a project but soon realized it required more work than he was willing to complete. The PA safety inspection sticker on the windscreen says valid until 1978 and was inspected in Lebanon PA. The car has not been on the road for 5 years. The original colour is Tartan Red under the faded poorly painted Mineral Blue and has a worn interior black accented with red piping. It has the usual rust in the sills and floors. The engine is seized and the odometer shows 82K miles. An offer was accepted and I am the 10th owner.