MGB GHN5UB235006G - 1999 November

MGB purchase #2. I read an ad 1971 MGB for sale in the local paper. I called the seller and scheduled an appointment to see the car. The car is running and has a current state inspection sticker. After a brief overview, I took the car for a drive. This was the first MGB I had ever driven after owning one for 16 years. The 67B restoration is going very slow. If I purchased this car I would be able to enjoy driving an MGB while working on the 67. The 71B overall condition is good but it does need some work. It had an older partial restoration, a quick sill and floor patch, with a repaint. The engine had run 92,000 miles and oil pressure was on the low side. I left telling the owner I will think it over and contact him. A few weeks later I called the seller and made an offer. After negotiating a price we had an agreement and on November 15, I paid and received the car.