Midget GAN5UB98363G - 2015 July

MG #5 1971 Midget. Replacing the Hood. The old AMCO top had brittle and cloudy windows. While folding down the top for the spring/summer driving season the rear window split. A new Robbins top was ordered from topsonline.com. The old top was removed to install the new and rust was found under the flange cover. The flange was cleaned and repaired with hand shaped replacement sections. Now back to installing the top. The top frame was removed, cleaned, and given a fresh coat of black paint. With the top frame bolted to the car the top was placed over the frame in the sun. The back of the hood (top) was centered on the flange from door to door and fastened with the retaining bar with male snaps. Tenax snaps were installed. The top fit snug after being stretched and glued to the header rail. Header retainer riveted and seal squeezed into the retainer. Done. Note on quality of Robbins top, the top and windows are of excellent material. I did find that the shape or cut of the top pattern was 3/8 inch too short in the width across the header rail even with warming in the July sun. Also the material that clips to the windsreen side pillar was short on the right hand side.